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I made this page to inspire someone to make a air powered car.
Air power could replace gasoline powered cars.

As I envison it, to test out this concept 
without destroying the "test" 
elcectric car you would:

1. Procure a electric or hybrid car

2. Disconnect the battery to the engine.

3. Install a battery in the rear seat 

4. Install a high pressure air powered 
   altenerator or generator with
   rear seat.  The air generator would keep the
   battery charged up

5  Install high air pressure carbon
   fiber air tanks in the rear seat
   Put appropriate kevlar or steel plates
   to protect driver from air tank blowout
   Or, you can use a small scuba tank for testing

6. Connect air power charged batter in rear 
   seat to the engine.

  • Lightsail discovers a more efficient way to compress the air without generating heat

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