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MyDr2 Bolus Meal Insulin Calculator for Type I (non-insulin Resistent)

Bolus Meal Insulin Calculator for Type I (non-insulin resistent)

About Myself

I had a diabetic (DKA) coma in March of 2008 I suffered massive nerve, muscle, fat and tendon damage with als like hands and feet.

I had major brain nerve damage. I had a hard time computing the insulin dosages even seeing the numbers on the needle was a challenge. I tried to find/buy such a program on the internet but I couldn't find one. Its amazing with 30 millin plus diabetics in the world and millions of programmers and millions of idle PC's no one has written such a crucial program But no....

So I decided to write one myself. Writing it was also a good way to get back my thinking skills which were fried out from the comma. I based the insulin calculations from Dr. Bernsteinbook.

So enjoy...