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Sagging breasts and the massage cure

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Sagging breasts and the massage cure

Remedy Description

Source: http://www.talksexwithsue.com/forum/messages/10051.html

There are exercises to do, and they are very simple. I dont remember if they have a proper name but I call them Hand Presses.

this little diagram should help: > or < = hands , / or = which angle you can put you hands together

so think of it like this > < which means turn your left hand facing downwards and you right upwards and press them together at breast height. hold for 10 - 15

seconds, then release. remember to breathe deeply during this excercise because it helps stretch the muscles under and around your breasts which helps firm them

up and lift. do this for say 10minutes a day or every other day and you should see results fairly quickly =) hope it helps.

From a,

Mother of 4..

woman who feel comfortable with their breasts


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