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hiccups and the fingers in ear and drinking water cure

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Submit Date: 11 May 2010
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Treatment used: fingers and glass of water
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Remedy Source: 'Ask the Doctor', Dr. Peter Gott, Newspaper Columnist, May 6,2010
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hiccups and the fingers in ear and drinking water cure

Remedy Description


"Ask the Doctor", Dr. Peter Gott, Newspaper Columnist, May 10, 2010


Q: I have a hiccup remedy that works. Stop up both ears with your fingers while drinking

water. Because the act takes three hands, you'll need someone to lend one. This is a

surefire way to stop them quickly. I love your column, wisdom and humility.

A: Well, the remedy is certainly worth a try. Now all we have to do is only get the

hiccups when we have a third party to hold the glass of water! Does using a straw not work

for this remedy? This might even beat holding your nose until they stop or bending over

while drinking from the backside of a glass. Thanks for writing.

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