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Bedbugs and the sulfur powder cure

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Submit Date: 26 Oct 2010
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Author: jw gilly, delray beach fl
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Treatment used: sulfur powder
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Country of Remedy: USA
Remedy Source: "Letters to the Editor", Time, Oct 18,2010, p.10
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Bedbugs and the sulfur powder cure

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"letters to the Editor", Time, Oct 18,2010, p.10

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Sixty years ago, as a teenager, I spent my summer

vacation on my uncle's farm in the south of France.

My bedroom got bedbugs. we sealed the window

by gluing strips of newspapers to the frame.

Then we put plates of sulfur on the floor.

We sealed the door the same way we sealed the

windows. My uncle lit the blue powder with long

kitchen matches. After three days, the room was

aired out. No more bugs employ at your own risk.

--JW Gilly, Delray Beach FL

When I was a kid (45 years ago) you could buy sulfur candles in the hardware store. We

used to take them to school and light them in classrooms as a prank. Maybe they are still

available? -

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