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Aloe Vera Gel diabetic ulcer cure

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Aloe Vera Gel diabetic ulcer cure

Remedy Description




t was the most unforgettable incident in my life. My brother called me from Perak on 5 May

1998 to inform me that my mother had just had one leg amputated and that she might have

to undergo a second operation to have the other leg amputated as well. I immediately

called friends in my village to see whether anyone could help, including Mr. Lim Chin

Seng, who had just joined FLP not long ago then. He introduced me to his Upline, Mr. Ang

whom he believed was able to help me.

I decided to bring my mother to see Mr. Ang and I rushed back from Alor Setar to Teluk

Intan to fetch her. The doctors advised me against this, saying that my mother had been

suffering from diabetes for 16 years and there is no cure for her leg which was already

rotting away. According to the doctors, the only solution was to have the leg amputated.

As the doctors could offer no other solution besides amputation, and I refused to give up

on any little hope the there might be, I went ahead and brought my mother back to Alor

Setar to seek Mr. Ang help.

Listening to Mr.Ang’s advice, I let my mother take Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Berry Nectar,

Forever Bee Propolis, Forever Bee Pollen, Forever Royal Jelly, Forever Absorbent C, and

Forever Arctic-Sea. Besides that I also used Aloe First, Aloe Gelly, and Aloe Propolis

Cream on the wound. After about a month, I saw some signs of improvement on the wound, and

the pus started to dry up. Finally on September 28,1998 the wound fully healed. The

diabetic problem also became controllable again. I would like to thank FLP for the

wonderful products and for saving my mother’s remaining leg. I would also like to thank

Mr. Lim and Mr. Ang.”

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