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american linden blossoms as TREATMENT for congestive related concerns

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Submit Date: 14 Dec 2017
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Author: rainbow bear
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Treatment used: colds and congestion
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Country of Remedy: Ukraine
Remedy Source: europe eastern europe scandinavia canada native american tree blossoms
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Dosage Info:
Typical Dosage: glass if hot honyed tea mixture
Dosage should be related to weight: unknown
Dosages used in clinical trials are significant: unknown
Maximum dosages in relation to side effects and serious side effects: recommended length of cold or 1 week
Other foods/nutrients/medications that can affect absorption or utilization: quality honey
Foods that provide the nutrient recommended as a remedy (or reference giving same): unknown

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american linden blossoms as TREATMENT for congestive related concerns

Remedy Description

Treatment not cure of cold and flu congestion problems

This remedy can also be used for:

as I am old school taught Ukrainian the Lippa tree blossoms tea.In Eastern

Europe the tree is called Lippa.Used to treat congestive symptons of colds and

flus steeped as a tea with honey [traditionally buckwheat],best used at very

beginning of symptoms.We never became Americanised,so I lived and learned old

world Ukainian ways.I share with herbalists and others the knowledge I know

because I find your typical American does not always know a lot of important

facts of living.It has always been important to share at Rainbow, more so in the

past. Picking the blossoms (not the fake news other parts of the tree I've seen

sold)at the right moment, in my area of Western Penn.it's right around July

4th.Absolute best when it's hot dry {If rainy the medicinal properties are

radically affected].A 2-3 day window of picking.. If truelly interested in more

specific details. call me as I am definitally not into the computer matrix more

than I have to be. Rainbow Bear 724-588-8514