Rx for belly ache: CAT scan or Pepermint Tea

Mom had a tripple heart bypass hear operation, at Cottage Hospital, in Santa Barbara, on September 16,1999, eight days later she died because of a "medical error" (this is my terminology) by Dr. Philip West.

The heart bypass surgery went ok, however, she complianed for days about a upset stomache. Her doctor, decided to give her a CAT scan to determine what the problem was. Giving a CAT scan for a upset stomache, following invasive surgery is a little heavy treatement. I always made my mom a super strong pepermint tea, which always cured her upset stomache. The doctore could have at least waited till my mom was more stabilized before ordering a CAT scan. if it was really needed.

To make the xrays visible my mom was given a oral radioactive dye barium. This dye is one of the most vilest tasting substances on the planet. The hospitals usually mixes the dye with cherry juice to mask the taste. Dr X. later confessed to me afterwords, that he himself had a CAT scan, and knew from personal experience how vile the barium drink was.

My mom was in her 70's and her gag reflex, that is food going into the lungs and not the stomaache, was giving out after years of service. This is very common when you get older. Consequently, when my mom was given the barium dye she vomited and it went in her lungs and she died.

My mom should never have been given the barium dye. It was like having a upset stomach and drinking gasoline. Of course, your going to throw up. And becuase of the gag reflex the vomit went down into her lungs.

The doctor errored in ordering a cat scan for her. My mom always complianed of a upset stomach and if i was there I would make her a strong pepermint tea which always cured her. My mom was revived, but it took the doctors a hour to get her heart going again. She never achieved consciousness, she went into a comma. Later, while she was in a coma, the hospital gave her a portable CAT scan. Strange, my mom always knew she die drowning. She never though she would drown in a hospital.