Skin Cancer

My father has skin cancer, and was also told he had six months to live. (That was five years ago!) He had a small lump on his cheek that would have been simple to remove, except that by the time all the necessary doctors were lined up (several of them were on vacations), the lump had spread into his ear and jaw and down to his back.

So, they cut out half his jaw, his left ear canal and a large chunk of cheek, did a skin graft from his chest to his face, and gave him a lot of radiation and chemotherapy. The cancer is mostly gone, but he is showing signs of radiation poisoning. The graft got rejected, so he now has a gaping hole in the side of his head. Nerves to his left eyelid and left shoulder got damaged, so now he's half deaf, half blind and hunchbacked. But somehow, he manages to stay jolly though all this. My mom lovingly bandages him up every morning. A faith-healer friend of mine comes over and treats him with prayer and reiki. My mom now says if she gets sick she doesn't want to go anywhere near a hospital!