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I got the idea for this web page as a result of having skin cancer in 1999. (I'm ok now!!) I was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer and was given 6 months to live. Melanoma is survivable, if you catch it early. If skin cancer is less than 1 milimeter, the thickness of a sheet of paper, you can survive.

Interesting, several AMA doctors, said they wouldn't see me or operate on my for several months. They claimed they were too booked up with other skin cancer patients. Several told me, I had plenty of time. Heck, it wasn't THEY who had skin cancer.

In searching searching the web, looking for information, case studies, herbal remedies, home remedies, on what other people had tried & found to be effective. What I found was discouraging. Most of the web sites that I pulled up where AMA (American Medical Associations) sites masquerading as alternative medicine. It took a lot of web surfing and a lot of reading to find out the information that I was looking for: Essiac tea. Then when i found it more searching to weed out fake information about essaic tea.

To avoid others, the hassle of finding information they desperately need, I decided I would have to build my own site. So here it is...Use it to find remedies that others have found helpful. Before you try remedies, please check them out and use some common sense.

Please feel free to submit a home remedy. Who knows you may actually help someone,somedya, somewhere by your actions. I am calling this site MyDoctor2, so we all sharing the same medical doctor here.

This database was written for my group www.welcomehome.org to add in remedies. There are probably at least 100,000 people who have attended rainbow gateherings in the US since 1972. I was not planning on typing in 25,000 remedies myself when I wrote the Perl Code for this web page. My plan was that if 10,000 rainbows typed in 5 remedies there would be 50,000 remedies in the database. Unfortunately, my fellow rainbows turned out to be a bunch of slackers, and very few have submitted remedies. This is pretty sad from people supposably committed to saving the earth and living in peace. Especially, when you you have infomation that can HEAL people but you don't do anything about it. I have probably entered 99% of the remedies in the database. I personally have thousands more that i can enter. I am currently working on a plan to entice a new group to submit remedies.

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Technical notes:

  • This is the beta 3.0 version of mydoctor2...released 12/2002

  • This site works with the mysql 4.0.18 database...

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