The Pitch: How to get Dr Berstein a Nobel 2012
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Its too late to nominate Dr B. for a Nobel in 2011 since the deadline is January 31, 2011 for 2012 canidate submission. However 2011 Nobel is wide open. Dr. B is 84 and not getting any younger. If your dead you can not win a Nobel, so we gotta get going on this quick.

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The plan is to flood the Nobel committee with thousands of testimonials of how Dr. B saved your life. If everyone on the forum were to send a email to 3 Nobel Medical winners ...(who will be asked to nominate someone for 2012) this could work. If you want to send more emails go for it.

The folks that got their Nobels in Medicine got them because:

  • They were on the cutting edge of their field;
  • Were Mavericks who believed that their path was better then the conventional ideology of the time;
  • Their discoveries were of great benefit to the world.

    Click here] to send a email to nominate Dr B for a Nobel prize
    Please include in your email your testimony as to how Dr B saved your life and why he deserves the Nobel prize in medicine

    To spread the word & heal more folks, it would be nice if Dr B. were to make his book readable online for free. Presently, you can only read a few chapers online for free.

    Having the book online would allow instant translation. Allowing the book to be read in any language like, Spanish, Italian, Russian, By running the book pages thru a online language page translator like Googles

    Since part of the book is alredy online it would be really easy to set it up to read the whole book online for free... Its sorta like saying: I have a cure for cancer, that really works, but you have to send me $20 to find it out.

    If not the 2007 edition then the 2005 edition. Dr B. can stil make money off the 2007 edition. Dr. B would probably make more $ if he did, as more people woud be exposed to his thinking and want to buy the 2007 book. Also more would sign up for his paid website:

    Free Advertising is at work here, exposing millions to Dr. B's ideas vs the death plan of the American Diabetic Association(ADA).